Serpentine Tumble Stone | L
Serpentine Tumble Stone | L
Serpentine Tumble Stone | L

Serpentine Tumble Stone | L

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*You will receive ONE tumble stone, similar to the photograph.

Please trust us to intuitively pick out the perfect piece for you! Each piece is personally cleansed before being packaged. ♡

High grade - FROM PAKISTAN


Serpentine is often confused with the stone “septarian” or “Jade”. Serpentine, provides clearing of thoughts, which makes it a great companion during meditation. Overall, it is here to help you release any emotions that no longer serve you! 
It is a soothing crystal and is said to be a good cleansing stone, that detoxifies the blood and the body.

Holding a piece of Serpentine to your chest will assist in releasing emotional stress there and clear blockages in your heart chakra. 



  ♡ Corrects emotional imbalances  
  ♡ Clears the heart chakra 
  ♡ Detoxifies 
  ♡ Meditation 

Crystal Healing Disclaimer: Indigo Crystals does not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment.