Indigo Crystals aims and inspires to bring beautiful bright light & energy to your home, whilst deflecting the negatives. Introducing a modern approach to home styling, which is both aesthetically pleasing and space cleansing.

Indigo Crystals main goal is to focus on the well-being of its customers, bringing emotional calmness. Indigo Crystals knows the traits of those who are an emotional empath or may have an oversensitive personality and the obstacles that may rise with this. We aim to assist you in creating a space where you feel at peace and full of light and love.

Whether you may purchase our products with an interest in their healing properties and their restorative power or for inspiration on bringing balanced energy through your home styling, we are the business for you!

Let us inspire you to create your very own home sanctuary with a modern twist.

Hi There!
My name is Laura and I am the owner of Indigo Crystals!
I began my new spiritual journey at the start of 2020 and created Indigo Crystals shortly after.
I have loved all things rocks since I was six years old, and yes, I did have a pet rock, guilty!
When I was young, I enjoyed going on family holidays, attending markets with stones & gems and exploring, finding little shell treasures along the way. Crystals & Minerals have been a passion of mine since childhood, and even though I did not know what it meant at the time, I have always been drawn to them.
I have a passion for all things creative and for styling beautiful pieces for the home, whilst also encouraging positive energy, light and love too.
Over the past few years my passion has grown into assisting others to create their own home sanctuary, achieving emotional calmness, and using crystals for support throughout their life journey.
I look forward to assisting you to positively enhance your journey through  crystals.
With love, Laura x