Palo Santo
Palo Santo
Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo "Holy Wood" is said to cleanse negative energy, keep all the good vibes & attract good fortune. This differs from sage, which cleanses ALL energy. Palo Santo is also known to be used to assist with headaches and can also be used to wand off colds & throat pains! 

Set your intention before lighting the end of the stick & then gently blow out after a few seconds. You may then you may use a feather or your hand to direct the smoke flow throughout your space or over an object you would like to cleanse. 
Ensure you extinguish in a fire-proof bowl of water, when completing your ritual. 
Please trust us to intuitively pick out the perfect piece/s for you! 

What is included?

  ♡ Your choice of ONE or THREE Palo Santo sticks
  ♡ An Indigo Crystal card - including information Californian White Sage & how to use. 


Each piece will differ in size. Please note; below measurements are only a rough guide due to the uniqueness in each piece. 

Width: 5cm - 7cm 
Height: 15cm - 17cm 
Weight: 30g - 32g