Moss Agate Raw | Small
Moss Agate Raw | Small
Moss Agate Raw | Small
Moss Agate Raw | Small
Moss Agate Raw | Small

Moss Agate Raw | Small

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*You will receive ONE raw piece similar to the photograph.

Please trust us to intuitively pick out the perfect piece for you! Each piece is personally cleansed before being packaged. ♡

Moss Agate is a beautiful balancing stone that aims to keep you feeling stable and completely secure. Fantastic for mood swings, emotional drama and feeling overwhelmed.  A stone of new beginnings, that refreshes the soul and attracts abundance.

Moss Agate’s physically properties are known to be used as an anti-inflammatory, that cleanses the circulatory and elimination systems, and boosts the immune system.


  ♡ Boosts the immune system (common colds & low fevers)
Calms emotions & mood swings
  ♡ Attracts abundance 

Crystal Healing Disclaimer: Indigo Crystals does not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment.


Each piece will differ in size. Please note; below measurements are only a rough guide due to the uniqueness in each piece. 

Width: 2cm - 4cm approx 
Height: 2cm - 3cm approx 
25g - 40g approx