Iceland Spar Raw
Iceland Spar Raw
Iceland Spar Raw

Iceland Spar Raw

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*You will receive ONE piece similar to the photograph. 

Please trust us to intuitively pick out the perfect piece for you! Each piece is personally cleansed before being packaged. ♡


Iceland Spar, also called 'Iceland Crystal' or 'clear Calcite', is a transparent Calcite and a newbie to the Indigo Crystals website! It is overall quite similar to clear quartz in its appearance and also its healing properties. 
Iceland Spar assists to provide you clarity, insight, manifestation, enhancement, power, intention programming and is fantastic to use during mediation. It is overall, a very cleansing crystal for mind and body. 

If you're lucky, you may even spot a little rainbow inside! 


  ♡ Inner vision and clarity 
Encourages stability and self trust
Cleanses the Subtle Body and the chakra
  ♡ Helps transform ideas into actions
  ♡ Chakra/s: Third eye and Crown

Crystal Healing Disclaimer: Indigo Crystals does not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment.


Each piece will differ in size. Please note; below measurements are only a rough guide due to the uniqueness in each piece. 

Height: 4cm - 6cm approx
Width: 5cm - 7cm approx
Weight: 140g - 160g approx