Black Opal | Palm Stone
Black Opal | Palm Stone
Black Opal | Palm Stone
Black Opal | Palm Stone
Black Opal | Palm Stone

Black Opal | Palm Stone

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*You will receive ONE Palm Stone similar to what is photographed. Please note; the texture of these palm stones is not perfectly smooth, due to the natural texture of the stone.

Please trust us to intuitively pick out the perfect piece for you! Each piece is personally cleansed before being packaged. ♡


Black opal is a fantastic crystal to keep close and protect your energy. It provides us with an etheric shield against negative energy as well as another person’s emotional toxicity. In stressful or overwhelming situations, it assists us to remain calm.
It is also one of the most powerful crystals to assist us with fear and reminds us we are not alone, and you are protected on this journey.
Our Black Opal is sourced from Madagascar.


♡ Protection / shields us against emotional toxicity                 ♡ Confidence to overcome obstacles                                  ♡ Calming in stressful situations
♡ Break through fear

Crystal Healing Disclaimer: Indigo Crystals does not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment.


Each piece will differ in size. Please note; below measurements are only a rough guide due to the uniqueness in each piece.

Width: 5cm - 6cm  approx
60g - 90g approx